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Laksana Gembira 2016
01 June 2016 • 10:59 PM • 0 comments
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Finallyyy, I'm home !
Alhamdulillah, after a-long-one-year school. it's holiday time for me.
So much thing happend this year, from experience, problem, feeling, ahh, all thing !
from the first alhamdulillah, so much thing I know about my school, a.k.a PMDG..
of course, the long time we been in a place, the more we know about it.

dan perkara paling dibagi HIGHLIGHT kat sini, baromijuna or, acara kitorang (3x4)
"Laksana Gembira"

yahh, so much experience we got from this program.
cara pengurusan, cara berorganisasi, ketepatan waktu, tekanan dari berbagai pihak.
All things make us matured ! :)

and in this program, Alhamdulillah i'm being trusted to hold a big RESPONSIBILITY
as a decoration. Apa kerja dekor ? Hias jalan, shape logo, banner and the mooosstt important, 
background ! It's such a big "tantangan" for us. I, and 19 others that has been chosen, we did our best inshaAllah to make the best background as what we effort.

and the last, some pictures for you as "supper" hahah.. alright, thank you for reaading ! sorry for the broken english. ^-^

Singer + Fashion show

Our father ;)

Both of our chiefs <3

Mummy gudep <3

Background in making ^_^

one of the program

view from top

with sister Ruqiah ^_^

Some of decor members

when choir :)

Maybe that's all from me, thanks! ;)

Sincerely, Aisyah

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