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Sye minx request..
13 August 2011 • 11:20 PM • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum .. ^^
jgn ckp sye ngigau plak pukol 11 mlm nk post kt blog ..
tgh boring2 ni x pe la .. 
sye sebena nye nk minx request tuto dr korang .. 
korang nk tuto ape ??
Mcm kt era
acare May I Help You ..
tpi ni ntok tuto blog .. kalo nk komen entry ni .. :)
Contoh tuto cm nie :

 care nk wat header
care nk bla bla bla lah ..

ok ari da nk mlm ni .. esok nk bangon sahor ..
So , smpi cnie je la ye ..

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